Lime Green Digital wanted to modernize, differentiate from competitors, and increase user signups through a complete visual redesign of their digital service.

A small team of Designit digital designers redesigned the Teoritentamen website along with every part of the logged-in user experience, from tests and articles to dashboards and profile settings. Aiming for a bright and airy look contrasted with red, yellow and green, accompanied by big, friendly typography, we created a styleguide that would double as a cross-media visual identity for the brand, the product and service.

We strived to create simple, intuitive interfaces for the logged-in user experience. But we wanted to move beyond just creating a usable UI, we wanted to make the tedious task of learning car theory a bit more pleasurable. By visualizing progress and celebrating achievements in dashboards and task completion screens, we made sure to reward the user and generate a sense of instant gratification.